Weddings are my new obsession, probably because I had a blast planning my own. I hope to expand my obsession with not only pictures but also the production and coordinating of them.  How fun (stressful at times) would it be to help make girls and guys dreams come true!? Talk about a constant change in atmosphere and endless possibilities.  I loved to be challenged on a daily basis and feel this would be the ultimate job for me.  Mark my words, one day I WILL have my own business (Hopefully)

Matt and Kelly [Are Getting Married]

Kate and Kevin [April 30th]

 Danny and Michelle  [September 18]

Katie and Skip [October 2010]

.  I was in the wedding so was unable to take pictures of the wedding day but did get to take pictures at the rehearsal dinner. I have a HUGE extended family and when we all get together, you better buckle up because you will be in for an awesome ride.


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    • I think he is still burning from the fact there are more pictures of B at our wedding then of us! LOL 🙂 these are beautiful Alli! Stunning!

  1. Oh I forgot to ask if shipping is available. We live in Georgia. You may not remember me. I am Throne Houston’s wife and Jessen Houston is my brother-in-law. I want to order these for Logann’s dance class.

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