My family is everything to me. I LOVE spending time with them and I always have my camera with me when I am around them.  I have Four nieces and One nephew, they are the cutest kids and boy do they know how to milk it for what its worth.  I’m sure I will be adding to this page very often.  Here are a few of  my favorites to start off.

Day in the Park

My sister came to visit me and brought 3 of the kids with her.  We had an awesome time at the park and a “super duper sleep over” to follow. It is the little moments that I hold closet to my heart.

Jumping Bean.

I was over at my sisters house one day and Jumping bean brought me green frog rain boots that I had given her older sister probably at the same age Jumping bean is now.  Her dad said she had never shown any interest in them before but had seen her older sister wearing some rain boots that morning.

Love Bug

One summer during my college years I decided to move back home to save a little money. I ended up having the coolest job ever, I was the nanny for my niece Love Bug.  For only being one at the time, she sure did teach me a thing or two about life.  I will never forget the empty feeling I had when I drove away from her waving to me in the garage to head home.  I cried the entire way back …

Here are some of my MOST favorite moments with her

Zach’s Return

My future brother in-law Zach served a little over a year in Afghanistan ( thank you for your service!) and while he was away he wife Erica gave birth to their little girl  MK. Here is the first time Zach met his little girl in person.

The pictures need no explaination …..

Little Man and BK

Little Man and BK love to get their pictures taken.  Any time my camera is out, you better believe they are in front of it.


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