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Matt and Kelly [tie the knot] continues


My bed is calling, more to come


wedding ideas


Here are some ideas that I used for my wedding

[hand made pom poms, add a pop of color to a blank canvas, click here to learn how to make]

[guest book tree, have every guest leave their thumb print and signature in place of the traditional guest book. It will be a cherished piece of art work for ever and ever ]

[This was designed and printed by Debbie Nestvogel. please message me for contact info if you are interested in your own]

[ice cream sundae bar for dessert]

  My husband and I are die hard ice cream fans and wanted to share that with our guest. We used large mason jars and old milk jugs to house the toppings.  I also used chalk board that I painted white to display the different types of ice cream flavors.  We also had waffle bowls to add the complete effect of a yummy sundae

[favor bags were stamped with purple ink and filled with our favorite homemade cookies]

[pictures provided by LacyKell Photography]

“Check and Check”


I love marking things off my to do list and I had a pretty long one this week….

  1. Two dozen cake bites/pops for Sandy 
  2. 100 holiday cake pops for thursday
  3. go in to the office a few mornings this week
  4. deliver cake pops to victory lane 
  5. Get supplies to make brook’s awesome gift for baby shower
  6. two dozen turkeys for sat. order
  7. two dozen race car / birthday cake pops for sunday
  8. stop by and see Brook at baby shower sunday
  9. see breaking dawn (this is a must)
  10. grocery shop
  11. find outfit for christmas card picture


Here is my little dessert table at victory lane.  When I walked in, everyone that worked there commented on how cute they were.  I was very happy with how they turned out. The head caterer came over and asked me what business I was with and I said, ” It’s mine, it is just a little hobby of mine!” and he said, “Well it looks like you picked a great hobby, they look wonderful.”  I hope they were a major hit with everyone that attended the function they were hosting.


Today I am thankful for the weekend

it is time to relax, spend time with friends and family, and make memories.

100 cake pops later


I have an order for 100 cake pops due today, I deliver them at 4:30! I learned a lot from this little endeavor, I will be charging more for themed cake pops- they take way to much time.  I split it over two days but it probably took me around 14 hours to complete these. Mass production is hard, esp. when you only have the bottom space of a fridge to use.  I got them done though and are so happy with how they turned out.  Thanks to my dads handy work, I now have two awesome drying racks to use and that helped out tremendously.

  (What 100 Cake Pops Looks Like)

(my new drying racks)


Today I am thankful for work.

knitting at its cutest


Please take a  look at my talented friend Victoria Bunch, She is starting out her own shop on  She has adorable knitted items for sale and very reasonable prices. You get the feel and look of an expensive child’s clothing boutique with out the large price tag

Click Here To Check Out Her Shop


Today I am thankful for my mom

Seriously, ALWAYS says the right thing at the right time to make you feel better.  It must be a magical power you get when you turn into mom.  I want to be just like her when we start to have kids, I sometimes find myself worrying “what if I can’t do motherhood as perfect as she did” but then I tell myself, if I am anything like her, I will find a way to make it work .  She always has a open shoulder to lean on and a warm loving smile to share  when you walk into the door.  She is by far better then any  super hero out there and has the power to open the flood gates with just a simple hug or phone call. She can get a stain out of your favorite jacket, patch a hole in your favorite shirt, cook a turkey and make gravy from scratch, and raise five daughters (with the help of my dad) that have survival skills,  are business driven, and bakers.  Thank You mom for being so wonderful ALL the time.