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Aaron and Kelly [she said YES]


I was honored to have taken Aaron and Kelly’s engagement photos.  Kelly and I are childhood friends and I am so happy that she has found her one and only  to spend the rest of her life with. Here are some of my favorite moments from the shoot.

Kelly and Aaron I love you both and hope you all enjoy your pictures.


Our sweet puppy charlee


It has been a long time coming and I finally convinced my husband to let me get a puppy. Its been worth all the late night potty trips and early morning walks.  She is so sweet and such a loving puppy. Have I mentioned that she is super smart and already knows how to sit and lay down?!?! Today we took her to fisher park for her first hike and she did great, she even got to play in the creek.



I know, Long over due post.  I am finding the more I learn about editing pictures the more I put it off due to the increase in time it takes me to upload, edit, and then upload on the blog etc…So I told myself that I would do it all in one weekend and get it out of the way.

Vegas…what can I say we partied, stayed up until the sunrise, and won lots of money.  Actually non of that happened.  Vegas was kind of a let down for B and I.  It’s not what either of us had pictured in our minds and definitely is not fun when you are a broke young married couple.  But I did get some cool pictures and we both can mark that off our bucket list of places to go.  I think we will stick to our safe haven of Charleston for our next get away.

Kitchen Chair redo


We bought our kitchen table from IKEA, I fell in love with it.  To be honest it was the only piece of furniture in that huge store that I felt was  a must have for our place.  IKEA is definitely not my style, it is very clean cut, straight edges, and compact.  There really isn’t much character to the pieces they sell, EXCEPT for this white oval table [the only oval table they offer t0 be exact] and it had curved legs [most of there furniture is straight legs].  The all white $50 chairs  [per chair] that went with  the table however were not so exciting.  So my hunt began to find the perfect chairs that wouldn’t break the bank.  I stopped at all my favorite consignment shops and just when I felt defeated, I found the these gems pictured below [4 chairs at $18 a piece]

[had to take a few creative shots]

[sanding down the seats to get the look I wanted]

[3 coats of white paint and a top coat of high gloss white spray paint]

[finishing touch, two coats of clear varnish on the seats]


I am absolutely ecstatic about the finished product.  It was just what we were looking for, it adds warm neutral color to the overall design but its not over powering and gives lots of character to the table.