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T-Ball Photo Shoot


Twinkle-toes has started T-Ball.  My niece is a constant ball of energy, always moving, she has a slight jump in her step when she walks because she has so much energy to burn. I went to her game and found myself laughing hysterically, lets just say she was easily distracted by the dirt ….. In her defenses they had about 10 kids on the field and the only two players that get the ball are the pitcher and first baseman, reason being is the ball doesn’t go further then two feet when they hit it.  Basically she was bored ….

[she just realized it was me taking her picture]


afternoon visit ….


Got a sweet  visit from two very cute little ladies this weekend….

[jumping bean loves to wear her dress up clothes out and about ….]

[I love my new place more and more every day …it gets great natural lighting, making bright and crisp pictures]

[reading time with uncle B]

[coloring time with aunt alli]

[they are growing up to fast]

Christmas 2011


I will let the pictures do the talking…

[still learning how to use my bounce flash. a little over exposed]

[had to take this picture a couple times but I love how it turned out, got to love self timer]


[our first married Christmas]

[the  kiddos were so excited]

[sweet little BK]


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas with their family and friends and brought the New Year in with a bang!

rio, popcorn, hot chocolate, and ….NASCAR(?)

I never thought in a million years I would step foot on NASCAR grounds but I did this weekend.  It was great, there were no rednecks or drunks, no screaming fans, no loud cars or mobs of crazy people.  It was more like lawn chairs, warm blankets, popcorn, hot chocolate, and excited little kiddos waiting for the movie Rio to play on the big screen (which I was told by my eight year old nephew that it was the second largest screen in the country).  I’m not sure if you can tell in the pictures but I think they enjoyed themselves.  Some of the pictures are taken with my phone and others with my camera.  In honor of all classic black and white movies, I choose to make them all black and white photos.

(miss riley twinkle toes)

(I just love their innocent little faces)

Yes, they were over zealous at times
Yes, they had to be told No (more than once)
Yes, they asked for more to eat (even after subway, popcorn, gummy bears, and hot chocolate)
Yes, the threat “do we need to leave” was said once or twice
and when asked if they had a great night ….they all answered with a simple YES!